That’s All I Want from You

“How was the journey? Are you hungry already? I’ll cook something.” Those are the first words my mom said to me whenever I drove back to my hometown. It had always been the same questions each time I come home.

My mom would insist to cook no matter how many times I offer to bring her out for a nice meal. “You are always dining out, home-cooked meals are always better!” My mom would oppose.

True indeed, home-cooked food is never as fancy as those in restaurants but on the other hand, they would never taste like those at home. Each dish was prepared with unconditional love and concern, giving it a taste that warms right up to the heart. Mom always cooked those favorite dishes and made sure her children have the best, no matter how old they were or how far they have moved.

“Make sure you take care of your health and always eat on time. Do not skip meals no matter how busy you are. Keeping yourself healthy is the best gift to me – “that’s all I want from you”

That statement struck me. I never realized how simple it was to make her happy. I never considered how often I was on her mind when I’m away from home and yet I could forget about making the promised weekly-call.

That is how moms are – always putting us first. When it comes to them, it’s never too urgent or important but when it is about us, every minor thing turns to be their priority. How often do we show her that we love her as much? How do we let her know we wished we could be home more often?

Why not start of by sending her a surprise on the 10th May? Yes, it is the Mother’s Day, a day to honor all mothers and mothers-to-be.

At Pods & Petals’ Giftlab, we celebrate by putting together our selection of gifts and flowers that we would love to present to our dearest moms. We think about what surprises them and makes them smile. We want to offer gifts that would tell them that we love them as much too.

All moms deserve a token of appreciation and certainly not limited to this day only. Make a note to call home more often, even if it was just to ask how the day had been. We are sure that this would mean more than all the gifts you can shower – because that is all she asks for.

So begin your celebration of this meaningful day by browsing through our gift ideas today. Be it the fresh flowers, fine food or other gift items, we hope that we can help to send the message to say Happy Mother’s Day!

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