It is a Jungle Out There!

 Dear Valued Customer,

We have competitors and quacks constantly visiting us at our office. Like bloodhounds trained by the Gestapo, they relentlessly try to sniff out information from our surroundings. They lurk at our compound and backyard, scavenging our bins for scraps of inspirations.

Very much like chameleons, they come in many forms and colours. Through experience and trained eyes, we learn to spot them. They scramble at the sight of us, leaving behind claw-prints and trail of chow after each foray.

Many disguise as customers, like wolves clothed in sheepskin. It delights us each time we succeed in fleecing them, exposing their sharp fangs. Of course, there are some who brazenly weasel out, leeching loads of details along with our precious time without even a simple ‘thank you’.

All these snooping activities have become an amusement to us, a comic opera to brighten our busy day.

Recently, we had two foxy women masqueraded as a potential supplier. Armed with their serpentine scripts and lupine props, our work place became their stage. Like the Greeks, they trot in, bearing gifts; a Trojan horse filled with samples and supplies. They mesmerized some of our colleagues with their forked tongues and weaved cobwebs of lies around them. It was only when we heard about them from our customers that we smelled a rat. By then, they’ve already ferret out bits of information they needed. Our only consolation is that we managed to keep their Trojan horse as a reminder of this event.

We don’t mind the snooping. Neither are we bothered.

But, what worries us is that competitors are becoming slothful. Instead of re-innovating, many copy our designs outright. From floral arrangement, hampers design & packages, to the way we design our catalogs, they regurgitate and reproduce.

 Market leaders whose name we shall not name are no better. They have been playing possum for far too long. Instead of channeling their energy to create better designs and products for the betterment of the market, they simply ape us.

Not only do they parrot our designs and products, without real understanding of it; they lap up our old ideas, like how old buzzards feasting on dead carcass.

Don’t they understand that this will only undermine their position as new creations are always 6 to 12 months ahead? We wish we can see some fresh designs and offering from them, however harebrained it may be.

We are expecting more from our new competitors. Being outright copycats is pure suicide, even if they may have nine lives. We find that most of these small fry go belly up within a few months, if they are lucky. These gullible fledging not only saw their investments vanished but also jeopardize their corporate customers who were penny wise, pound foolish. How could they entrust kids to do an adult’s job?

New competitors must learn to be different from all existing players in the market to survive. We hope they will also conduct their business seriously, not as if some monkey business conducted in the street bazaar.

Our motto has always been “It’s all about being Different”. We do exactly the opposite of what the market leaders did. Before us, these fat cats hogged the market with the horrendous pyramid-styled hampers. We innovated on basket hampers packages and traditional offerings. Plying their feline charms, they won the market’s indulgence and peddled what they thought the market wanted – Big, ugly flower arrangements and design that were 10 years outdated. We innovated, finding comfort that small is beautiful and it is design & quality of materials that matters. Yes, for us, there is certainly more than one way to skin the cat.

Much as we lament about the frequency our competitors imitate us, we find it flattering to know that our industry is using us as the yard-stick. With the shepherd’s rod, we guide the herd to the brooks of creative haven. They can imitate us in every way but one thing we are certain. No one is able to replicate or take away our spirit, passion, and dedication, which are uniquely ours. After all, how can you compare the sheep to the shepherd?

Having said that, we wish to make known that we are totally “competitor-friendly”. It is only with them next to us that make us shine. How else, can we do without them? We need them around to push us to improve and to serve you better.

A big ‘thank you’ to you for reading this far, and allowing us to share with you the antics of our competitors.

Let us know how many animals, animal characteristics, animal related words and phrases that you can spot so far.

We will rewards you with the corresponding amount of Real Reward Point accordingly. For example, if you can list out 20 of them, we’ll deposit 20 Real Reward Points into your account. It is fun and easy. Give it a try!

Now, if you can name all of them correctly, you will receive an extra bonus of 3000 Real Reward points!

Yes, you may enlist the help of your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Relax and share this light moment with them. See if they are as quick witted as you. Two minds are always greater than one, right?

As a tribute to our animal ‘friends’, we are extending to you and all our customers up to 20% discount on selected animal themed flowers, gifts and products that are in our website, throughout the month of March 2005.

So place your animal themed order through our friendly customer service officers or click your order through our online catalog and you will enjoy your discounts now.

Please remember to provide us your Real Reward Card Number when you reply us with your answer and we will do the rest.

Warmest Regards,
Pods & Petals Giftlab
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PS: As a special bonus, if you can guess the names of the two market leaders described above, do let us know and we will deposit 30 reward points for every right answer. For ethical reasons, we will not reveal their identities, be it in public or in private. When you see the extra points in your Real Reward Account, you got it right.

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