Fire A Client This Secretary's Week !!!

Dear Bosses,

April 21st is Administrative Professionals Day 2006 (also called Secretary's Day, Administrative Assistants Day, or Exceptional Assistants Day). Thinking of what to give your administrative assistant?  How about one to make him or her deliriously happy : let your assistant fire one client.

Yes, a couple of years ago, I told my secretary, Michelle, that she could fire one client, no questions asked. After she picked herself off the floor, she chose a client that surprised me. Turns out that this client, while perfectly cordial to me, was consistently rude to her on the phone. He also made inappropriate comments to her when he came into the office. I sent the client a nice letter telling him I would be unable to do business with him any longer.  My secretary told me it was one of the best presents she had ever gotten.

The moral to this story is that there are clients who, if they treat your staff badly, don't deserve your hard work. Every day you work for them sends a message that you value their business more than the happiness of your staff. The trouble is that you probably don't even know who these clients are. So ask your assistant or secretary, and go ahead and give yourself a little bonus and fire your least-liked client too.

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Yours sincerely,

Jason Ong

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