Are You The Next “Desperate Housewife”?

Dear Dorena,

When I told Datuk that you will soon join the ranks of the women in ‘Desperate Housewives’, she was flabbergasted. Actually, I felt the same when you first told me.

The feeling is different when someone from your own team says that she is going to give up her three-piece suit and go for the feeding bottles. I can’t help but imagine you like Lynette, leaving the career track for the mommy track.

I can’t see how the hugs, kisses and sweetness of seeing ones lovely kids once awhile can outweigh the agony of a full time job of having frazzled hair, stained handbags and constant smell of baby food. I am yet to quiz your husband, but I am certain your two seemingly innocent kids are part of the story.

All of us at Pods & Petals Giftlab wish that you can stay but we know well, the decision is going to be tough as you are making a sacrifice not for yourself but for your family.

To ease your choice, we have painted you a picture ala PPG style, with an excerpt from Wisteria Lane.

‘On a typical summer’s day in the sun-bathed streets of beautiful Wisteria Lane, Susan was walking down the street toward Lynette’s house. She was just about to walk up the steps, when all of a sudden she noticed Gabrielle inviting her young gardener John into her home for a glass of lemonade which also did not go unnoticed by Bree, who was compulsively washing her windows.

Down the street, an Asian man gets out of the driver's side and goes around the car to the passenger side, where he opens the door. An Asian woman with her two kids steps out and they look at the house, then walk up to the front door.’

Mary Alice voice over: Yes, life is indeed back to normal on Wisteria Lane. In fact, life is so normal that my friends are so preoccupied with their own ambition, beliefs, desires and desperations that they did not realize the arrival of new neighbours. Chinese neighbours from Malaysia to be exact. And when they finally realize that the familiar has departed and the unfamiliar has taken its place, all they can really do is to say hello and welcome.’

Jokes aside, we want you to know that everyone treasure your spirited sense of humor, your wonderful positive attitudes, and your contribution to the workplace.

From the bottom of our heart, we wish you good health, good fortune, and great happiness. May the obstacles, problems and worries that come your way quickly melts away and be replaced by blessings and joy.

Wisteria Lane is going to be merrier with your presence while Pods & Petals Giftlab will be a tad quieter until the next dynamic lady like you come along.

Lastly, we pray that you will never have to fish your kids out of a swimming pool at a wake…

or cross swords with the likes of Mrs. Martha Huber – that emissary of evil cloaked in grandma’s clothes. J

We are going to miss you and will think fondly of you when ‘Desperate Housewives’ is on.

Yours sincerely,
Jason Ong
Pods & Petals GIFTLAB (M) SDN BHD
11 Jalan 14/55,
46100 Petaling Jaya
Tel : +603-7883 0233

PS: The management has asked me to take over your portfolio for the time being. I know it will be a tall order for me to fit into your shoes. More so, as I do not wear high heels! However, in the interest of the company and customers, I will do my best to smoothen the transition for our customers who were under your care.

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