Raya Hampers


All deliveries for Raya Gifts will be done on a progressive basis where a date range will be specified for the delivery. Kindly indicate in the delivery date column the last delivery date that you expect for the delivery to your recipient. At least 5-7 days notice are required. For example, if you specified the last delivery date as 7th May 2021, the delivery date range will be from 1st May till 7th May 2021 and our Customer Service will attempt to confirm with you on the agreed date range. Priority will be given to customers who have placed their order earlier and all orders will be sent on a first come first served basis. This however will not affect daily occasional orders such as orders for Birthday, Anniversary,  Congratulation etc where delivery will be done on your specified date according to our usual schedule.

Order for Outstation delivery received after 4th May 2021 will be delivered during the Raya Month from 15th onwards. For special delivery instruction, please inform the Customer Service at +603-78830233 / +6012-6915200 or accordingly.

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Adalet Raya Hamper - Cookies, Tea, Halal ...
RM138.00 ($33.12)
Adil Halal Hamper - Raya Cookies, Cake Gift ...
RM150.00 ($36.00)
Basari Raya Hamper - Halal Gift Cookies, ...
RM170.00 ($40.80)
Basarili Raya Hamper - Halal Cookies, Honey, ...
RM248.00 ($59.52)
Bereket Raya Hamper - Halal Food Gift ...
RM200.00 ($48.00)
Bilge Halal Hamper - Festive Cookies, Honey, ...
RM300.00 ($72.00)
Cesur Halal Hamper - Raya Cookies, Pineapple ...
RM238.00 ($57.12)
Comert Halal Hamper - Raya Cookies, Safawi ...
RM308.00 ($73.92)
Dindar Halal Hamper - Raya Cookies, Juice, ...
RM348.00 ($83.52)

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