Decadence Chocolates


Pods & Petals Giftlab listens to our chocolate lovers' customers and only offers high quality chocolates as Add-ons to their gifts and flowers. From Godiva, Decadence to freshly made Leonidas' chocolates, we romances with these chocolates and ensure they blend well with our tastefully designed gifts.

Decadence and Godiva tastes different from less expensive chocolates, which tend to use artificial flavours and preservatives to achieve a longer shelf-life. If your recipient is a chocolate lover, fascinate them with these magnificient chocolates. It is the best gift you can give them.

All "Chocolate Add-ons" are only available as add-on to your other gifts or flowers and can't be purchased on its own. Call our Customer Service at 03-78830233 should you require assistance. 

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Heartbender - Stuff Bears with Decadence ...
RM160.00 ($41.60)
Heartbender Wine - Chocolate Praline with ...
RM228.00 ($59.28)
Beatrix Praline - Belgian Chocolate with ...
RM438.00 ($113.88)
Yellow Engracia - Roses Bouquet with ...
RM168.00 ($43.68)

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